Real Estate

We welcome all real estate enquiries. This is often a very happy time in our clients lives and we try to make it as smooth and seamless as possible. Our services include residential home purchases and sales of residential homes, multi unit dwellings, commerial buildings and condo units. We are able to do residential mortgages, commerical mortgages, private mortgages, transfers of title, Condominium Status Certficate Reviews, survivorship applications and land severances.

Residential home
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Corporate / Commercial

Our office is please to offer a wide range of corporate services that include business registration, business incorporation both provincial and federal, Minute Book organization and updates, Lease agreements, asset purchases and sales, Shareholder Agreements and Trademark applications. We offer quick service for basic transaction.

Wills & Estates

We can help you through the process of ensuring the realization of your last wishes and as well as arrangements for care and property management, for the last chapter in your story. Wills and Powers of attorney for Property, Powers of Attorney for Personal Care, probate applications and estate administration.

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